Steel preinsulated Pipes STAR PIPE


ERDING Supplies and Services

Our company operates on the market of preinsulated pipe systems as one of the major suppliers of this product.

We supply the preinsulated pipe systems in „turn-key“ form, including assembly, construction and earth work as well as material supply. In both types of supply, our services include consulting and technical support in dealing with unpredictable changes in the routes of piping systems during construction.

We ensure training for workers and designers, checking of the adherence to technological assembly procedures, search and localization of possible failures in the pipe system with a reflectometer.

We supply preinsulated pipe systems both for big heat production companies, up to thousands of meters of pipes a year (Plzeňská teplárenská a.s., Teplárna České Budějovice a.s., Pražská teplárenská a.s., etc.) and for smaller towns and municipal societies, amounting to tens of meters a year.