Ecologicak structures

Biomass boiler plant | Brněnec

Ecologicak structures

Cogeneration unit K.A.O., s.r.o. | Ostrava

Ecologicak structures

We supply sources with combined heat and power production, with additional cogeneration in steam turbine or gas turbine version, or with a combustion piston engine. We supply technologies that make use of renewable energy sources (RES) – heat pumps, solar collectors, biomass boiler plants, biogas stations.

We systematically deal with ecological programmes related to projects of sources with combined heat and power production as well as sources that use renewable energy sources (RES).

Within these programmes we supply:

Sources with cogeneration heat and power production in versions:

  • -  with a steam turbine
  • -  with a gas turbine
  • -  with a combustion piston engine

Technologies using RES:

  • -  heat pumps (earth, water, air)
  • -  solar collectors
  • -  biomass boiler plants (wood chips, grain and flax straw, etc.)
  • -  biogas stations (waste dumps, large-scale breeding, food industry, etc.).