Implementation of Constructions

Energy construction

These are one of the major strategic activities of the company – comprehensive supply of CHS systems, boiler plants and exchanger stations.

Engineering constructions

We perform these as part of the construction or reconstruction of sources and CHS but also as independent construction jobs. This includes comprehensive supplies of heat distribution systems, gas pipelines, water mains and sewerage.

Building construction

We perform complete supplies of buildings for industry, services, housing and civil development.

Environmental constructions

We provide sources with combined production of heat and electricity, complete with cogeneration using a steam turbine or a gas turbine, or a combustion piston engine. We provide technologies that use renewable energy sources – heat pumps, solar collectors, biomass boiler plants, biogas stations.

Petrol stations

Supply of technologies for the distribution of media and fuels. Fuel storing and dispensing technologies are chosen with respect to particular conditions.

Technical facilities in buildings

This includes heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, sanitary installations, wiring, and M&R.

Project activity

Design and pre-design documentation is processed separately or as part of a construction job.