Energy Services

Energy management

Process check and control of energy management operation and administration, permanent and systematic optimization of purchase, production, distribution and consumption of energy and media.

Facility management

Managerial activities – process coordination and control, monitoring and accounting of the costs of services for buildings and premises, systematic search for savings, ensuring and providing services within the technical administration of buildings and related services.

Comprehensive energy services

This is our own product based on our company know-how. It includes a set of services and activities of economic, operational and legislative nature, interconnected by means of a logical internal structure accepting the European trends.

Operation of energy equipment

A set of activities related to operating the Centralized Heat Supply (CHS) system, or its parts. We operate a lot of CHS systems, local sources and distribution systems.

Power production, distribution and trade

We produce and supply electric energy within the operated heat management areas. We operate electricity distribution networks, i.e. transformer stations and HV wiring, including the purchase and sale of electric energy.

Project activity

Design and pre-design documentation is prepared separately or as part of the construction process.