About us

ERDING ® a.s. is a renowned engineering, design and supply company operating in the sphere of investment construction on the Czech market since 1993. We perform comprehensive supplies of modern technologies and equipment. Especially in the field of heat engineering, building services and technologies for the distribution of energy, media and fuels.

The founders of the company have built upon their work at the important institute called Rudný projekt, n.p., branch Brno, and upon their rich experience in planning, designing and realization of big investment units.

The fundamental philosophy of the company within the sphere of its activities is to apply the principle of individual approach to customer needs and to suggest optimum solutions to given tasks.



This service is offered to prospective customers free of charge. It is performed by a team of experienced experts in the fields of civil engineering, technologies and MaR. ERDING ® a.s. does not currently have any exclusive representation of a producer or supplier of equipment; therefore, it consistently applies the principle that a technical solution has to respect particular needs and conditions of a particular customer.


This service includes preparation of offers according to client’s specifications. The majority of offers is prepared for tenders organized under the Public Procurement Act (199/1994 Coll., 40/2004 Coll., valid 137/2006 Coll.), or as public contracts of a small extent.


High-quality design processing of a technical solution is always one of the crucial elements of the success and functionality of the whole work. It requires an ability of conceptual thinking, quality coordination of the work of the individual processors and consistent activity with respect to monitoring new products and technologies and their application in practical designing. These are the main criteria applied by the staff of the company’s designing departments in preparing the design documentation. In the field of designing the company provides elaboration of volume and conceptual studies, balance sheets, documentations for zoning and building procedures including the consideration, and implementation documentation.


In the preparation and realization of construction, the company staff apply uniform in-house procedures that ensure high-quality preparation, supply, coordination and management of construction. Much emphasis is placed on continuous checking of time and financial schedules and quality. The company employees – superintendents – in charge of the management of individual constructions, have long-term experience in this respect. In construction, the company primarily uses its own capacities in the field of constructional production and technological assembly. Much emphasis is placed on the quality of material equipment, which is one of the crucial elements influencing the quality of work.
An important part of the construction is also a due and complete documentation required with respect to drawing on subsidy programmes.

Financial services 

In its activities, ERDING ® a.s. uses primarily its own available funds. Depending on the needs and conditions of individual customers, it also offers services related to ensuring financial backing in the implementation of its intents in the form of supplier credits, leasing or bank credits. We provide cooperation in filing applications for financial help (one-time remission of a part of credit instalments) or for support (subsidy or a soft credit and financial contribution).